A brief update

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.Robert Burns

From Invergarry we had two days banging up the Great Glen and were collected at the end by our Ullapool friends. They not only lavished luxury on us but helped us plan the remaining week.

The weather is set fair for the weekend (the first sun they have had here since the end of April!) so we are walking two days up to Lairg, and being picked up on Sunday night from there when the weather is forecast to deteriorate markedly.

We then sit out the bad weather in Ullapool, camp in the middle of nowhere on Wednesday night, and pick up the route again for the last two days. This will leave a three-day gap to fill in later.

For a 1000-mile route with a fixed end date, four days gap over the whole journey doesn’t sound too bad to us!

The next blog post – The Great Glen Way – will go up on Monday. In the meantime, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a terrific support team.

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