Our Route: Map Overviews

Several of you have asked to see a map of the route.  We used the Ordnance Survey mapping software to plot the route (an annual subscription is amazingly good value), then we printed out a series of paper maps for each day.  We can also download these route-maps on our phones and use them offline (mostly to be able to zoom in for micro-navigation, which you can’t do with the printed map), and we have found that in built-up areas it’s useful to use the location feature on our phones to pinpoint ourselves precisely.

The whole route is shown in the first two maps below.  Numbers in the red circles denote the number of days’ walks that section is split into.

The route is then split into seven screenshots, with stopping points marked (colours of pins are irrelevant):  sections under our belts, the section we’re walking, and the ones still to come.

And that’s it!

Complete Route

Route North
Route South

Sections Walked

1. Land's End to Barnstable
Land’s End to Barnstable

2. Barnstable to Hay
Barnstable to Hay

3. Hay to Newhaven
Hay to Newhaven

4. Newhaven to Horton-in-Ribblesdale
Newhaven to Horton-in-Ribblesdale
Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Bellingham
6. Bellingham to Winchburgh
Bellingham to Winchburgh

Section Being Walked

7. Winchburgh to Fort William
Winchburgh to Fort William

Sections To Be Walked

8. Fort William to Corrie Hallie
Fort William to Corrie Hallie
9. Corrie Hallie to John O'Groats
Corrie Hallie to John O’Groats